My Story

I am inspired to inspire you.

As a German moving to Spain/Mallorca and travelling 98 (more to come) countries had a big impact on my life. 

I got so much from it. Joy, happiness, wisdom, … thousands of pictures. The people I met, friends and insights I gained, places visited, people’s stories, dreams and hopes, challenges I went through, different cultures and so many lifestyles I experienced – all that created my own style of living and how I perceive what life throws at you – good and good.

I stumbled into life-changing stories, dreams, hopes, challenges and varied cultures.
Saw, felt, realized ‘everything’ is possible. Had moving encounters with humans and animals.
Experienced insights, the usual and unusual. Little and big moments.

I learned from the best coaches in the world. Trainers, philosophers, writers, wise men and women. And enhanced the essence of our travel pictures with power messages of different kind.

To enrich lives in all aspects. Whatever the ultimate aim is.

'In Photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more reality than reality.'

Alfred Stieglitz

A bit more about me

Incentive Travel Manager (for 20 years),
Autodidact and life-long travel photographer.

Very open-minded, friendly, helpful, equipped with a set of unconventional ideas…

Organization, gifted with empathy, knowledgable about the world of travelling.
A ´good´eye and feeling for picture windows and to capture moments.

Favorite Continent
I love all of them, the whole greatness of this amazing planet!
Africa is deeply grounding,
Asia the most spiritual continent,
America lovely crazy and liberating,
Australia´s nature just amazing,
Europe beautiful versatile.

Other favourites
Travel, photography, discoveries, soft adventures, all kinds of lifestyle, nature, personal development in all aspects of life, vegetarian and healthy food and drinks, song ´Music was my first love´ (John Miles), elephants, cats.


Countries visited


Continents adventured


Years of travel experience

2 ladies in a dune
More to come

Still on the bucket list

Learning about personal development, about the human nature, herbs, cooking, guitar playing, travelling and unique experiences in Japan, Mongolia, Bhutan, Botswana, Galapagos, Antarctica, Madagascar, Reunion, Uganda, Namibia, some more of Australia, Papua Neuguinea, again Hawaii, Chile, Argentina, again Baja California.

I am sure there are some more on the list…

Be amazed

by our travel pics enhanced with inspiring thoughts for your life.


Messages that ‘stick’ on your wall, desk, car … create your awareness and focus and replace old habits. Your speaking pictures will work for you 24/7!

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